The Journey


I have now arrived in Lima, Peru after a 3 hour flight a 13 hour flight and then another 4 hour flight (Auckland, Santiago and Lima) – and trust me, I have never been so desperate for a shower in my life! The flights were all fine, no dramas at all, but it´s just so long – my whole body is aching. This was the first time I´d flown by myself, without someones hand to hold onto when you take off and land. Apparently I wasn´t the only one who was a bit nervous though, this fella walked up and down the terminal in Auckland praying before the flight, then he was on the flight to Lima too, so I had God on my side I suppose.

Even though I´ve barely seen anything of the country, apart from what I could see from the window of the plane and the bus to the hotel, I´m already amazed by how different eveything looks. The landscapes are completely different. It´s quite barren and very rocky and the mountains outside of Santiago were just huge – like nothing I´ve seen before.

Tonight I´m stayling at the Hotel Britania in Miraflores, a suburb of Lima. Tomorrow I´m going to do a bit of exploring around Lima before meeting up with the tour group tomorrow evening, and then the fun begins!

Hasta luega!


Adios amigos

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I’m at the boarding gate, ready to go! Feeling extremely excited! Good bye to you all. Stay in touch and I hope that I am able to share some amazing experiences with you. xoxo

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