I had planned to stay in Rio for the last five days after I returned from Ilha Grande however my friend Greg asked if I’d like to go with him to Buzios, a small beach town a couple of hours north of Rio. I thought it sounded great so we headed off on Friday morning with the plan of staying two nights and then heading back to Rio.
It was an absolutely gorgeous town and you could see why so many Brazilians go there for weekends away and summer holidays. It wasn’t a big place and was mainly made up of accommodation places, restaurants, shops and bars. Pretty much all the things I like in a town!
When we arrived we headed down to the small beach right next to the town and went for a dip. That night we headed out to one of the great restaurants in the main part of town. There were so many great places to choose from but we ended up going to a fantastic place owned by a Frenchman, so Greg felt right at home. We had the local specialty which was a huge seafood soup and it was delicious!

The next day we went to another of the many beaches around Buzios. It was absolutely packed with Brazilians. Here we were able to hire an umbrella for the day (to protect my delicate Australian skin) and had a lady who would bring us anything we needed, which included beers, coconuts, and roasted cheese on a stick (mmmm yum!)

As we were leaving we noticed a place that offered surf lessons, which Greg was really keen on doing, so we decided that we’d come back the next day and stay another night in town.

The next day we hit the beach again, Greg in his surf shirt, and me on my deckchair, under my umbrella. While Greg did a few practice runs, I grabbed an acai (a local berry drink) and sat back ready to watch.

And the boy didn’t do too bad! He was up on the board looking like a pro on a number of occasions. After a quick break and some more energy food (more roasted cheese on a stick) he was back out there and carving it up. I took on the role of official photographer, but after a while I had to head back to my umbrella, I was starting to feel the burn.

After a while he felt he had sufficiently conquered the waves so he came back in and we headed back to town. A successful day for Greg and quite a relaxing one for me.

The following day it was back to Rio after a couple of beautiful days in Buzios. It was such a gorgeous place , so peaceful with spectacular beaches and fabulous food. I think it would be crazy-busy during Summer though so I’m glad we were able to go when it was a little calmer. Thanks Greg for the invitation!