WOW!!! Machu Picchu is something that I will remember forever. Arriving at the Sun Gate and looking down on the city gave me the most amazing feeling. After hiking the inca trail for the last three days, it felt as though we has accomplished something incredible and the reward was the breath-taking view of one of the world’s seven wonders as the sun was rising.

I’ve seen a million pictures on Machu Picchu but nothing compares to seeing it first hand. From the Sun Gate we walked down and entered the city from above. We were then taken on a tour and was told about the history of the city, how it was discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911 and about the different buildings within the city.

After the tour we were given the opportunity to spend time wandering around. A group of us decided to find a good vantage point where we could take in the sights. I could’ve sat and looked at that place for weeks!

What an amazing place! I was extremely sad to leave because I felt that Machu Picchu was a truly remarkable place but I know that it will be one of those places that I will never forget!