I know I’ve used this word quite a lot during the trip but Colca Cañon was just SPECTACULAR!! Looking down onto the valleys, overlooked by the rugged peaks of the Andes, it just took my breath away how beautiful the landscapes were. The valley has been tiered so the locals can cultivate their crops and there are small water resovoirs that catch the water that was snow on top of the mountains.

Several times I was almost overwhelmed with the scale of the mountains and the beauty of the scenes I was taking in. I couldn’t stop looking in all directions, jut trying to drink in the beautiful scenery.

We were at 3,800 metres and the canyon was 3,260 metres deep. At its deepest it is 4,100 deep and the mountains across from us were 5-6,000 metres high.

The largest birds in the world, Condors, live high up in the mountains and we had the opportunity to catch them up close. They often have a wing span of three metres and stand over a metre tall.

It was incredible seeing them soar over the top of us, although up close they were the ugliest birds I have ever seen!

I bought a hand-embroidered card from a lovely man who spends seven hours making each card. He arrives at the canyon at 5am (which would be bloody cold!) and works until 1pm. I paid 20 soles which means he earns about $1 an hour.

We stayed a fantastic hotel which was almost like a ranch, called La Casa Mamayacchi. It had a thatched roof, beautiful open fire, amazing views of the valley and mountains and of course a Llama in the garden.