Only five days until I fly away on a big jet plane! Holy crap!

It hasn’t really sunk in yet – I’ve still got work for the next three days and I have to move out of my apartment on the weekend – so I’ve got plenty to keep me preoccupied.

I thought I’d do a post about how I’ve gone with the packing and hopefully those of you that have been on your own backpacking expeditions will be able to give me advice on where I can improve my packing technique.

So here is my beautiful backpack.

I’m seriously in love! Not sure how long that will last though.

It has a detachable day pack that I’ll be using as my carry on luggage when flying and I have a waterproof cover to go over the whole pack as well as my sleeping bag which attaches to the outside.

Can you believe that this…

squishes down into this…?!

Here is all the stuff I’m taking with me.

I’ve learnt the fine art of rolling my clothes.

Although I kinda wish I could pack like this guy!

My boots take up the majority of the space and hopefully I’ll be wearing them a fair bit so it won’t be as full.

It’s starting to get full!

But luckily in the end it all fit, just!


Farewell Party


Last night was amazing! I was lucky enough to have a bunch of my great friends join me at the AB Hotel in Glebe for my farewell party and I had an absolutely fabulous night. It was fantastic to see everyone and I was so happy that my parents decided to come to Sydney and surprise me. Thank you so much to everyone who came along, you made it a night that I will remember forever.

What a good looking bunch!

Ben and I

Me and the gals from school

Me, Pip and Charlie

Jo and Andy - 1st year uni dormies

Mitch & I

The gals from uni

Out dancing

Busting out the moves!

Mum & Dad the next day

I'm excited!

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